Why we?

A creative team of certified professionals with a large experience with which the chosen path will always be true and safe

VoIP Telephony

Business partners will always be connected due to the flexible and accessible enterprise telephony network from any corner of the world.


We exist for your leading in the development of business, while we decide your problems as your own relying on the foundation of information technology.


We will provide you support and help you on site and remotely, at any time answering to your call and request, as from the closest person.


They are already saving on time and money, getting the best deals, quality assurance, safety and comfort. And you?

The "Novus Technologies” company is a member of Bridge Group of Companies*, was established in October 2012 with the efforts of a number of advanced Network engineers and programmers.

At the stage of establishment  the company have offered Internet  services only  the tabulation for customers of the corporate sector. However, a year later have begun the active development of the company in other areas.

There were created the departments of Soft and Web programming and IT support, has been the development direction of IP telephony.

Active promotion at the market of high quality service, ensured by the work of the best IT engineers of the country brought its results. At the current moment the company's portfolio have the exclusive contracts with companies such as: Samsung, ABB, Weatherford, Pepsico, AzTexnika, AzRe, Ferrari, Idea, SOCAR, Qatar Airway.

Has developed the direction of home networks with the provision of Internet, VOIP and TV services over a single channel. Also there are the portfolio includes a number of advanced software products for the corporate sector in the company.

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What do we do?

Technical support

Standard service scheme

Extended service scheme

Website development and promotion

Website's  design development

Website's testing

Website's search engine optimization

VOIP Telephony

The introduction of new generation telephony sistems at times simplifies and saves business at the expense of a variety of >>>

Internet provider

Internet Services

TV Services


The creating of  software for enterprise systems can significantly reduce the company's expenses >>>

Security audit

The audit includes the simulation of attempts of external and internal penetration to the client's site >>>

The Novus Technologies company offers solutions with Internet and data transmission based on telecommunication equipment and software from leading manufacturers for corporate customers.

Our team offers customized and creative solutions to create websites. Our task – to create distinctive and dynamic websites  with the help of creative team of web designers and programmers. A team of highly skilled programmers has  an experience in the development of websites for online stores and information portals.

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We are located in the city center in the nearby area of the hotel and business centersç such as Hyatt, Grand Europe, Caspian Business Center, Natavan Residence.

Bridge Plaza, 4th floor, Bakikhanov str., 24, AZ 1022

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